ТОП 20 любими песни на @benkovski

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Любимият в Twitter „дядо“ Бен или @benkovski  сподели своята селекция за акцията в Chronicle #МузикаленДекември:

1. Hollow years - Dream Theater

2. Come undone- Adrenaline Mob

3. Best of times- Dream Theater

4. Comfortably numb- Pink Floyd

5. All on the line- Russel Allen & Mike Orlando

6. In a manner of speaking- Nouvelle Vague

7. I’ll kill her- SoKo

8. I tried – James LaBrie

9. Cliché- Fish

10. Angel sky- Adrenaline Mob

11. Damn good- David Lee Roth

12. Little dreamer- Van Hallen

13. Love vs. Loneliness- Suicidal Tendencies

14. Farewell ballad - Zakk Wylde

15. Take away my pain- Dream Theater

16. Turn the page- Metallica

17. Stay while the night is young- David Lee Roth

18. Tender surrender- Steve Vai

19. Osmosis- Liquid Tension Experiment

20. You are my world- Joe Satriani

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